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A Day in the Life

Yesterday was an insanely long day for me starting at around 5:45 AM, so I’m going to talk/write you through my adventurous day!

I had been scouting this spot on 11th and Chestnut for quite some time. I felt like it was screaming to have something pasted in the space. For me it’s not about getting up in every nook and crannie in the whole god damn city. It’s about being relevant and making sense in the space that it is occupying, so it takes a little longer for me to pick a spot that I feel actually makes sense. I’m not trying to be one of those dudes that brags about how many pieces they have up. But anyway, I had finally met Damon Landry after about a year of drooling over his street art photos, and he had mentioned to me that he wanted to go out sometime and document the process. I was more than pumped to have him come along, so we met up at 7 AM got this paste up and chatted a bit then went our separate ways. From there I headed directly to 30th Street Station, in which I had never been before. It was a beautiful place and unusually clean which surprised me because I mean….it’s in Philly after all. I hopped on the 8 AM train and was on my way to NYC.


I got to New York, got a bagel, I felt like I had to do New York things while I was in New York, then headed straight to The Highline which was packed but it was still very nice. I wanted to take some photos but I felt I missed it’s prime time, everything was more on the dead side up there and I also didn’t want to be abruptly stopping every two seconds.

I ventured into the Chelsea gallery area and stumbled into an AMAZING Richard Serra exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery. If you have never been able to experience his work in person then you are definitely missing out. The fact that these sculptures are freestanding is just unbelievable and walking through them is another experience in itself. I nabbed a few photos there and then headed over to the MoMA to see the de Kooning show that they had going on, so many pieces and sooooo many people. I, then, came across a tiny typography deal that they had going on there on the 3rd floor, so that was a nice surprise. Hung around there for a bit took some photos of some Gotham letters/words. Good time.

Walking back to Penn Station, there happened to be a free “Celebrating 100 Years” show going on at the free public library  which was filled with unbelievable amounts of historical artifacts and design treasures like Gutenbergs Bible (1st instance of movable type), The original stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear animals that were given to the REAL Christopher Robin, and just so so so so much more. If you’re into history/artifacts/design go to this you won’t regret it! After that I got on my train home and headed straight for the Wheatpaste Your Heart Out Show!!

My train got in at exactly 9PM and I was racing the clock to get there before 10. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden so fast in my life, I think I got from 30th st station to the Vox Gallery on 11th in 10-15 minutes, maybe? I don’t really know. I got there and it was packed which was amazing to see. I was awed by the amount of work on the panels, it was just amazing. It was another reason why I feel like the Philly “art scene” is awesome. So many people/artists/friends/students/kids pulled together to get this to where it was, and it was just great. I got to talk to a bunch of people and meet some new people which is always exciting for me. The Instagram paste that Casey and I made was still intact and looking amazing. I don’t even know what else to say the show looked great! Thanks again Dietrich and Linnea for sticking through to the very end. Great project, great execution, great time. Philly wouldn’t be the artful place it is without people like them willing to fund projects like this. Amazing job everyone.

I designed this eye as part of a piece that I’m putting together for the Streets Dept Street Art Show coming up on Saturday the 22nd.

Nom Now has the tagline of “Realize » Create » Beautify” and at our TrickGo show last year, Matt Goold and I collaborated on a series of panels for each word of the tagline. I wanted to take that concept and give it a new spin so I started designing a series of symbols that signify each word and this eye was what I created for Realize. I was thinking that I wanted to take this design beyond a wheatpaste on a wall so I screen printed some tee shirts this weekend. They are 1 color on light heather gray guildan tees (It’s all I could get in such short notice). They will be $10 and just as a side note, they are super limited, two of each size small through large, so if you would like one make sure you come out to the show and scoop one for yourself.

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